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Questions about the Swimming to Antarctica with NuttX

Alan Carvalho de Assis
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Talk about the Presentation: Swimming to Antarctica with NuttX

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Hi @slipperyseal! I see you used CLion as your development IDE. Was it easy to set it up with NuttX's Kconfig-based build?

Christian Catchpole
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Hi Luis,

I recently got a new mac and have been setting up a new dev environment, with Parallels and Ubuntu. So I installed CLion for the first time in a long time to see how it would work with NuttX. But as I was busy working on the presentation i did not attempt to set it up fully. I was using it as a source editor only, opening files from outside of an empty project. But even still, I found it was very clever in what it could resolve. You will see in my demo most source coloring is correct with the occasional red unresolved symbol.

I will soon though try setting it up properly, and I will respond here with how I went.  A recent post here shows they are working hard to support different build chains. Someone even commented asking if NuttX could be added to their list for testing, which they said they would.