Application to Attend

The NuttX 2020 International Workshop will be arranged as a combination of lectures and open workshop sessions.


Reference hardware has been donated by the supporters and each participant will receive a Sony’s Spresence CXD5602 board at the start of the workshop. To promote ease of inter-working participants are encouraged to use these boards when other specific hardware functionalities are not needed, but they are welcome to use other hardware if they prefer. NuttX itself is explicitly vendor neutral.

Participation at the workshop shall be limited to 120 attendees and we strongly prefer delegates that will actively contribute so Active Participants will be selected in preference to Passive Attendees.  Active participation may take many forms including a demonstration, a short lecture or perhaps a workshop session. It does not have to be very polished; we’re looking for users of, and hackers on, NuttX, not expert marketeers. It doesn’t matter if your focus is academic investigation or commercial application – what does matter is how interesting it will be to everyone else!

Active participation proposals will be accepted until the end of 28th February 2020. Proposals with a duration from 5 minutes for a poster presentation to 120 minutes for an interactive workshop session will be considered. The committee will review your application and we will let you know if you have been successful by the end of 13th March 2020.

If you don’t want to do be an active participant, but would still like to attend as a passive attendee, then you can apply up until 27th March (assuming all places haven’t already been taken by active participants) and the committee will consider your application and let you know if you have been successful in your application by the end of 31th March 2020.

Applications to attend the Open Access Session on the evening of 15th May 2020 will open on 31th March 2020 when all International Workshop attendee results have been disseminated. The Open Access Session will be based around the Sony Spresense board.

NuttX 2020 is a limited size event with no entry fee. Both Active Participants and Passive Attendees are honor bound to attend after accepting a place. We may hold a reserve list of attendees to deal with unforeseeable circumstances which mean that spaces become available after they’ve been allocated.

The International Workshop is a community event, so we would like to encourage you to share your details with other participants, but you are not obliged to do this and your choice here will not affect the probability of you receiving an invitation to participate. Share Details*

For Active Attendees please include:

(Note: timings are only guidelines, and are subject to change. Include a comment below if you feel you need more or less time)